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Traditional Chinese Medicine  

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is the philosophy that heath is balance. It is an observation-based philosophy. To be in proper health, we need to be balanced. Balance in our entire lives, our diet, our exercise, our emotional health and mind.  TCM states that our bodies are a mirror image of the universe as a whole; that each season is represented within our organ systems and their function; that each emotion has a purpose; that everything that exists outside also exists inside us. To demonstrate balance TCM uses the Yin Yang symbol. It teaches that there is light in darkness, and that both light and darkness are so interwoven that one can not exist without the other, but in fact one creates the other.  Within our bodies is an always changing cycle of the seasons; just like nature one season begins, then ends by merging into the next. In TCM Qi is the energy within us, it is the life force. Qi is carried along to each part of the body with the blood. It nourishes and feeds our entire system. Yin and Yang, when combined create Qi. 

Yin is dark, wet, cold, sinking and female.

Yang (yawng) is light, hot, dry, rising and male. 

Qi  (chee) is the intangible energy that makes us alive.


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