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Reiki is an ancient energy work. We use this tool to balance the seven energy centers of the body called chakras, which can be quite relaxing and peaceful.


A Reiki treatment can balance the chakras with energy or sound. It is something you really need to experience!

Sound therapy utilized the scientific knowledge that all mater is in motion. All things in motion have a frequency at which they vibrate which is a sound. Sound therapy utilizes the frequency measured in each of the seven chakras to balance and nourish them.

A body in balance is a body in health.

Animal communication

Animals think in pictures, and can be communicated with in a similar fashion. This type of communication is done at the engergistic level. Animal communication has be used extensively in the equine world, but dogs and cats have a voice too!

Sessions are prefered to be in person the first time, but do not have to be.

Do you have questions for your pet?

Are you wondering if "it is time?" Let's see what your pet has to say to you!

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